Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KLOVE Article

Scott and Christine Denté (Out of the Grey)

How long have they been married?

Scott and Christine have been married since 1987, and have been writing songs together for 14 years. They have three children: Julian, 9-1/2, Carina, 7, and Chloe, 5.

How did they meet?

Scott and Christine met in 1985 at Berkelee College of music in Boston, Mass., where they were music students. Christine was a voice major and Scott studied guitar. "Our love for music overflowed into our love for each other," says Scott.

What attracted them to each other?

Christine: Scott's eyelashes [she laughs]. His are longer than most girls who have mascara on. Scott's sense of humor and his light heartedness are two major factors in my being attracted to him. But also, I have always called him guileless. He's the kind of person who doesn't put on airs and he's very honest. I think the Lord brings together two people who complement each other. Scott taught me that I need to pay more than $7 for clothing and I taught him that he doesn't need to buy a CD every day of his life.

Scott: Christine is a very compassionate person. She's very conscious of the pain and the struggle in the world. She's my moral compass and she keeps our family pointed in a godly direction. Although we haven't always had a family, those are some of the things that have developed in her over the years. You know, when we met she was a silly college girl and I was a silly college boy. It has been wonderful to watch her grow in the Lord and as a woman. I'm still madly in love with her!

How do they keep their romance alive?

Christine: We have lots of dates. Many times those dates are just after the kids are in bed. For example, sometimes we may light a fire out back on our back patio in our little outdoor chimney. I have to say, Scott is very romantic. He makes sure he tells me he loves me, and what he thinks of me, and how I look. He buys me special gifts here and there, and we buy each other cards and write poems to each other.

How is their family life affected by touring and is it difficult taking the children with them?

Christine: I have to say that being on the road with toddlers and 9-year-olds is different every time. It's neat to see our 9-year-old son working backstage with the crew. He is helping out with his flashlight and partaking of that experience. The girls look forward to getting a new babysitter who will teach them cool things to do with crafts. We have learned to go with the flow wherever we go.

Scott: I have seen Christine become more flexible over the years. On the road, we don't know what's going to happen next. I have seen that frustrate her. She will need to get ready for the show and the kids aren't situated and I'm occupied with preparations for the show. Christine has grown in leaps and bounds. We have come to a place where everyday is different and we just wait to see what will happen.

How does working together affect their spiritual lives?

Scott: We encourage each other. Iron sharpens iron. Christine is a great sharpener on anything that comes up, like an ethical question such as should we do this or should we do that? We're just able to communicate right away. We're living the same life together. One of us isn't gone for 10 hours out of the day. We don't have to debrief each other at the end of the day.

Has working together strengthened their relationship?

Christine: I think our relationship is the kind that thrives on working together. We meet some couples that say they would kill each other if they had to work together. Ours is the opposite.

Scott: We need each other.

Article courtesy of K-Love. (also the Christian Music Lighthouse Site)