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Chat Transcript - CCM

Fritzpw_Admin says: Welcome to our LIVE Chat with Scott and Christine Dente'. We're sure glad you came to join us and we look forward to seeing your questions. Scott and Christine have been known in the music industry for over a decade and now they are also home schooling their children. Let's give them a huge welcome!

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #2 from guest347: Scott and Christine, what convinced you to take a break from your career?

Out of the Grey says: After we did 6 records as a duo Scott encouraged me to do a solo record because I had been writing songs from a female perspective that wouldn't fit on an Out the Grey album. Scott encouraged me to not worry about writing piano based songs. Normally, we would have to find a room for the guitar but in this format we could be the producer and concentrate on letting the songs speak for themselves.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #31 from kurtis: There are a large number of coffee references in your music and on-stage banter. What kind of coffee do you like, and how do you like it?

Out of the Grey says: Excellent question! We like Italian roast, half decaf. We make a lot of coffee references because Christine and I basically met in a café.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #50 from texascounselor: Scott and Christine - what are your favorite songs that you've recorded?

Out of the Grey says: ummm... Scott would have to say "Unfolding" and "All We Need" while Christine would say "Perfect Circle," "Shape of Grace," and "Becoming."

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #26 from kurtis: A serious question: what was the inspiration for the song "Perfect Circle?" Is it about someone in particular? Is there a story behind it?

Out of the Grey says: "Perfect Circle" is about a friend from college who was searching and saw something different in me (Christine) and so she asked the question and I answered as artistically as I could in this song.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #55 from guest357: Scott, would you like to produce again or would you rather record?

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: At this stage of my career I want to keep as plates spinning as I can. I enjoy producing but I also enjoy recording my own music as well

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Chatmaster shouts: Where can you go for more information about Out of the Grey?

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #73 from guest357: Have you always homeschooled? What made you take that route?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: Yes, we've always homeschooled. It was an emotional decision at first, not wanting to hand my son off to anyone else. However, as I researched and studied education I realized teaching at home was the way I wanted our children to learn. It is not easy but it is deeply rewarding.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #42 from romans8_28: Do your kids go on the road with you? If yes, do you allow them to mingle with other Christian artists?

Out of the Grey says: [both laughing] If we are away for more than 2 nights, our children travel with us. They have made many great friends over the years, including Christian artists.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #12 from guest347: What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?

Out of the Grey says: Cons would have to be that it is so time consuming with lots of pressure on mom to not "ruin" her children. The pros are that family gets to be together all the time often times resulting in great conversations. Another pro is that there are good academics (if mom has her act together) and we learn about grace everyday.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #54 from guest353: Do you plan to homeschool your children through High school?

Out of the Grey says: Yes.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #18 from guest347: What curriculum do you like to use?

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: Cartoon Network

Out of the Grey (Christine)says: Seriously, [glares at Scott] we use a lot of Sonlight, which is a literature based curriculum

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #14 from guest347: Who are some other artists who have decided to home school their kids?

Out of the Grey says: I think Cheri Keagy and Paul Oversteet both educate their children at home.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #39 from romans8_28: As homeschooling parents do you find it difficult to shield the world from your kids in today's culture?

Out of the Grey says: Our main goal is not to shield our children from the world but to more closely control their impressions of the world at an early age so that as they get older they will have the tools, hopefully, to interpret and understand more and more on their own.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #15 guest347: What is your most memorable moment in home schooling?

Out of the Grey says: Our field trip to the Eiffel Tower.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #13 from guest347: Have you faced any opposition in homeschooling?

Out of the Grey says: No, not really, only when an occasional legislator wants to more closely control home education.

Fritzpw_Admin says: Is homeschooling pretty easy in your state?

Out of the Grey says: Our state has less control than some but recently a state legislator proposed a bill that would force all graduates to take the same test (state test) in order to graduate.

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Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #76 from guest356: What is it like to be involved with the Christian industry today? I have been listening since '93.

Out of the Grey says: There are a lot more artists, fewer labels and it's more difficult to get a single played on the radio because the stations have tighter formats. But there are still great artists and great music.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #90 from guest353: Did you both know as children that you wanted to be musicians?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: Yes, I decided I would either be a vet, a forest ranger, or a chick singer… I went for the easy one.

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: I wanted to be a dentist but my parents made me go to music school. ;-P

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #85 from teach4: What did you listen to (musically) growing up?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, and Janice Ian.

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: Led Zepplin, the Who, and Charlie Peacock.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #95 from agrantfan: Scott, what is your favorite guitar? What guitar players did you like when you were growing up?

Out of the Grey says: The guitar I'm currently playing is my favorite. It is a small-bodied Lowden. Growing up I liked Jeff Beck and Pat Metheny

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #47 from romans8_28: What is in your CD player right now?

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: Oatmeal!!

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: Seriously... Sara Groves, the new Christine Dente solo album, and Ginny Owens.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #94 from kurtis: Your music live shows a heavy jazz influence. Will you be recording a more stripped down jazz album, like Ginny Owens' "Bluprint?"

Out of the Grey says: There are no current plans but it sounds like something fun for the future.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #78 from agrantfan: When will the next Out of the Grey CD be released?

Out of the Grey says: We don't have a date yet.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #113 from guest356: What would you say is the thing that keeps your marriage going so strongly?

Out of the Grey says: Scott and I keep short accounts and we learned early to say, "I'm sorry." Quickly! We also spend a lot of time together and Scott is a great communicator.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #91 from teach4: If you could create your own bumper sticker, what would it say?

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: Kids of America...PULL UP YOUR PANTS!

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #130 from guest371: How did you know that Scott was the one for you?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says it started with his heavy eyelashes...

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: … mascara…

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: The great friendship we had with his lighthearted approach to life and his gentle love for me.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #40 from romans8_28: Is there a career goal you have yet to achieve?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: I enjoy writing prose and I have written so many four-minute pop songs that I have really come to enjoy being able to expand on an idea. I hope someday to write a short book, pamphlet, or tract.

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: No, unlike Christine, I am satisfied.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #133 from agrantfan: Do you have a favorite city/place?

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: I am partial to the great Northwest.

Out of Grey (Christine) says: On my back patio... with a cup of coffee.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #83 from guest353: I love your lyrics and "Brave" is currently my theme song. Is there a specific story behind that song?

Out of the Grey says: Yes, it is based on the scripture that says that perfect love casts out fear. As a mom, I sometimes think I can control the safety of my children and I have to remember again and again that my strength is in the Lord and that I need not worry about them. HE makes me brave

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Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #100 from agrantfan: Christine, what brought about your recording background on "Missing You" from Amy Grant's 1997 CD Behind The Eyes? Are you friends with Amy?

Out of the Grey says: Amy and I are acquaintances but I am a friend of Wayne Kirkpatrick who produced Behind the Eyes.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #96 from guest351: If you rewrote "So we've never been to Paris...," how would you write it now?

Out of the Grey says: We haven't thought about it much but I imagine we would have to write a third verse…"so we finally got to Paris, and ate them Freedom Fries." [LAUGHING!!!!]

Fritzpw_Admin chuckles in amusement.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #92 from guest356: Are you planning writing more updates in the journal on the Christine Dente website?

Out of the Grey says: Yes, I want to update the journal but just very busy. Please be patient and when I assemble my thoughts will put them on the web site.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #123 from Sharon: How do you make sure your kids get to socialize with other children especially as Julian gets closer to the teenage years?

Out of the Grey says: Many homeschoolers see the family as the best place to socialize. It is there that children learn to interact with all age levels. The authority of their parents is easily accessible and they have lots of friends.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #111 from kurtis: Has homeschooling affected your career? Do you think that as your children get older it will affect it more or less?

Out of the Grey says: Yes, Scott and I have turned down some traveling opportunities that didn't work with our overall goals. But in retrospect the long term benefits has outweighed any short-term losses.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #82 from guest367: Hi Scott and Christine. I really admire your abilities as musicians and writers. If you get "stuck" while working on a piece, how do you unblock or what inspires you?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: I have to revisit a song or an idea until the door opens wide enough to let me get the bigger picture.

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: For the only songs that get finished are the ones that are persistent enough to demand finishing.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #145 from kurtis: What do you think would be the single best possible thing to happen to the Christian music industry today?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: If radio returned to listener requested music.

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: Artist development.

Fritzpw_Admin presents the speaker with question #152 from guest367: Besides just requesting songs, is there anything fans can do to help singles get played?

Out of the Grey says: I believe radio is a very small piece of the pie. The way that we can support our favorite artists is to go see them when they come to town and buy their music rather than downloading it.

Fritzpw_Admin says: Scott and Christine... Thanks so much for coming tonight to share with us. You both have a richness in life that we all can benefit from. Thank you for your ministry and service. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Out of the Grey (Christine) says: I am grateful to those who have listened faithfully over the years. Your encouragement and prayers have meant more than you know.

Out of the Grey (Scott) says: Christine kinda covered it but I want to encourage people to understand that they are part of a bigger story.

Fritzpw_Admin says: Thanks for coming everyone!

Fritzpw_Admin waves at everyone

Out of the Grey waves at everyone

(chat is from CCM Magazine)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

New CD Nearly Complete

Christine and Scott are finishing up their new project. Just waiting for official announcements of when it might be released. When I hear anything, I'll post it here.

Out of the Grey Timeline (1980's-90's)

*1980's Scott and Christine meet at Berklee College in Boston, MA.
Scott and Christine marry
Scott and Christine record a demo tape that leads
to them getting a record deal with Sparrow Records

*1991 The self-titled album "Out of the Grey" is released by Sparrow Records
Scott and Christine tour with Steven Curtis Chapman
(For the Sake of the Call)

* 1992 "The Shape of Grace" is released
"Coram Deo" is released
Scott and Christine's 1st child, Julian, is born
CCM Magazine names Out of the Grey as 2nd favorite new
artist (based on readers polls)
Scott and Christine tour with Steven Curtis Chapman on his
Great Adventure Tour

*1993 "Coram Deo 2" is released. Scott and Christine sing on this
compilation recording
"The New Young Messiah" is released. Christine sings one song
on this CD with Cindy Morgan and Susan Ashton
Coram Deo wins a Dove Award for praise and worship album of
the year & recorded music packaging album of the year
Out of the Grey is nominated for a Dove Award in the category
of New Artist of the Year

*1994 "Diamond Days" is released
"Along The Road" is released
Scott and Christine's 2nd child, Carina, is born
"Sisters" compilation CD is released. Christine sings "Will You
Be Here"
Scott plays guitar on Amy Grant's CD, "House of Love."
Out of the Grey is nominated for Dove Award Group of the Year
Scott and Christine host an episode of CCM-tv.
Scott and Christine on the "All Together Tour" with
Margaret Becker
Christine guest vocals on Randy Stonehill's CD, "The Lazarus Heart," on the song, "I Turn To You"

*1995 "Gravity" is released
Christine sings "Westworld" on "Wonderful World" by Chris Eaton
Scott plays guitar for Margaret Becker's CD, "Grace", on 2 songs
Scott and Christine are on the cover of CCM Magazine for
the August issue
Scott and Christine are featured on the cover of the
October issue of Release Magazine
Coram Deo II wins a Dove Award for praise & worship album of
the year
Christine is nominated as Female Vocalist of the Year,
by the Dove Award Association
Christine, Susan Ashton, and Margaret Becker are nominated
for a Dove as
"Group of the Year" for their work on the "Along the Road" CD
Scott and Christine tour for "Gravity"

*1996 "Edge-tv" releases a video with Christian artists on it, including
interviews and videos from "Out of the Grey"

*1997 "(see inside)" is released
Scott and Christine's third child, Chloe is born
"God With Us" is released by Sparrow Records
Christine sings background vocals on the song "Missing You" on
Amy Grant's CD "Behind the Eyes"

*1998 "Remember This: Out of the Grey Collection is released. Scott and Christine
fulfil their contract with Sparrow Records. Two new songs are on this CD:
"This Is What It Is" and "Walk By Faith."
Scott's trio CD, Invention, is released. It wins a Dove Award for
instrumental album of the year
"God with Us" wins a Dove Award for Special Events album of the year
Scott tours with Phil Keaggy and Wes King for "Invention"
Scott and Christine are interviewed by Sound & Spirit for "Artist Link Extra"

*1999 Benson Records Tour

Out of the Grey Timeline (2000's)

*2000 Scott and Christine sign a record deal with Rocketown Records
"Live 12-6-2000" is recorded
Scott plays guitar on Sierra's CD, "Change."

*2001 Rocketown Records releases 6.1. A limited edition Live EP is packaged with some of the CD's
Scott and Christine tour the 6.1 record with Twila Paris & Michelle Tumes

*2002 6.1 is nominated for Recorded Music Packaging Album of the Year, by the Dove Awards
Christine sings background vocals on the cd "Passion: Our Love Is Loud" (live from the Passion Experience Tour) Christine and Scott sing on Steve Green's cd , "Woven in Time," on the song, "If We Answer"

*2003 Christine releases her solo album "Becoming" to critical acclaim
Christine is named #3 Female Vocalist of the Year by Christianity Today Magazine
Christine co-writes the song "Deeper Life" for Natalie Grant's album "Deeper Life"

*2004 Christine releases her second trio album with Susan Ashton and Michelle Tumes. There is a
UK version released first called "Kisses From Heaven" The US version is called "Lost in Wonder."
Scott produces & Christine helps write and sing for Rocketown's Advent Christmas CD, "Gloria"
"Becoming" is nominated for Dove Inspirational Album of the Year
Christine contributes 2 songs to the compilation CD, "For Christ Alone"
Scott plays on ginny owens cd, "Something More."
Scott and Charlie Peacock start the Runway Network

*2005 Christine announces on her official website that she and Scott are no longer with Rocketown.
Her official website, is taken down.
Christine sings on Jill Phillips worship CD, "Kingdom Come"
Christine sings with Newsong on the duet "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down"

*2006 Out of the Grey, The Early Years, CD is released as a best-of CD package and
label re-release series
Carina and Chloe sing as part of a children's chorus for a veggie tales CD project
Christine sings 2 songs on a UK worship CD called, "The Apostles Creed."
Christine sings a duet with Brian Doerksen on his CD called, "Holy God," called "He Is Here."
Scott hosts "Life Shaking Moments With Jesus"
Christine narrates for an audio book called, "Choosing Forgiveness"

*2007 Scott hosts the 2nd season of the faith-based chat show "Faith Cafe"
Scott & Christine participate in a March songwriters conference for Christian Musician Summit
Scott & Christine participate in a November songwriters 'boot camp' for Christian Musician Summit Scott's Runway Network website is taken down
Christine's official domain is not renewed
Christine & Scott read for a complete Bible narration called "The Message"
Chris & Scott narrate for an audio book called "Revolutionary Parenting"
Scott performs at the 2007 GMA Hall of Fame Induction (for Phil Keaggy)
Scott plays on Sara Groves new CD, "Tell Me What You Know"
Christine sings on "Praise Baby: Joy To The World" ("That's What Christmas Means To Me") -and other Praise Baby Albums
Christine duets on "Hibernation Day", on Jars of Clay Christmas CD, "Christmas Songs."
*Christine sings O Holy Night on a CD compilation called "christmas music for the heart" 

*2008 Scott & Christine participate in a March songwriters conference for Christian Musician Summit
Christine puts up a myspace page
Christine sings a duet with Garry Kean called "This Is Love" on the CD "The Long Road"
Christine sings a song on "The Worship Lounge" called, "When I'm Filled With Doubt & Fear (Halleluiah)"
Christine appears on season 3 of Faith Cafe with Scott
Christine records songs for a new CD

*2009 Scott plays guitar on Anna Gilbert's new CD on the song "Worry Is A Word"
Scott and Christine record songs for a new OOTG/Christine Dente CD based on some of the "Valley of Vision" prayers. The working title for the CD is "Voyage."
Christine makes announcements for "Voyage" on the ootg facebook group
ootg perform a few concerts together
Scott plays guitar and Christine records vocals on a record for Elizabeth South
Scott partners with Ken Lewis as Global Genius Productions
Out of the Grey releases "Voyage: Journey of Prayer" independently
A new official website is put up at

*2010 Christine answers some questions for this site about the new record and what's ahead for ootg
Christine sings "Stranger in My Skin" for an ABC/General Hospital itunes single release. The single airs on General Hospital in January
Voyage: Journey of Prayer is released on itunes
Christine sings on the song "Falling in Love Alone" on Elizabeth South's new CD "The Mysteries of Our Mind"
Out of the Grey sings on the song "Your Voice" on Elizabeth South's new CD "The Mysteries of our Mind"
Scott and Christine sing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville
Christine sings a pop song called, "Just To Be," for Global Genius Productions (Scott's Production Company).

Scott and Christine record songs for an upcoming ootg ep release (2 new songs and acoustic versions of their studio songs)
OOtG puts up an official facebook page

Scott and Christine were "worship leaders and guest musicians for the Brave Women's Conference," in May
Christine sings "is it all over now?" on michael card's cd, "mark: the beginning of the gospel"
Christine sings on "come ye sinners" with next2nothing on their cd "in every corner"

Scott plays acoustic guitar on elizabeth south's latest cd, "i love you." Christine sings harmony vocals on the same cd, on the song "waiting."
Christine announced on facebook in february that she has begun recording some new songs. february 20th, "Today I am thinking about recording some of these songs I've been writing...yes, I think it is time!"
Christine announced on facebook on october 9 : "Hey Everyone! Christine here! Scott and I have some exciting stuff on the horizon and we're going to use this OOTG page to talk about what's happening. So: if you have friends who might want to keep up with us, please invite them to "LIKE" our page! Thanks!" 
Christine begins writing a series of articles in her facebook notes section. The first "note" is called, "all stirred up." 
*Christine sings with Steven James Wylie on his song, "this is what faith is," from the album everything i love.

Christine writes a second article on her facebook notes called, news flash - news fast.
Scott puts up an official website at  
Scott plays guitar on an upcoming Sara Groves CD
Scott and Christine announce their Kickstarter campaign for a new ootg album, April 16, 2014.The project is funded 100% plus in just 19 days.
Why Kickstarter? From OOtG: 
"We’re working on a new Out of the Grey album for the first time without the financial backing of a record label. Kickstarting the project with $35,000 will allow us to make a high-quality recording and kick it on out to you all (and everyone else) ASAP."
The new Untitled album is estimated to be ready December 2014, along with other incentives that can be pre-ordered, such as Skype concerts, written lyrics,  in person coffee house dates, recording and guitar sessions, etc.
Another facebook note called "what is going on in our world" is put up on the official page by christine.
Christine posts an album update on her facebook page titled, "we're still here" ~ "Scott and I are still journeying uphill as we work on songs for our new project. We are very near the top! We've spent some time gazing backwards, amazed at God’s provision in our 27-year-old marriage and His hold on our kids who have grown so quickly into adults. As we climb, sideways glances make us smile as Scott and I realize we’re still here, making the trip together and co-writing once again" --Christine
Out of the Grey perform at a November Abba's Way event called, "You Raise Me Up." See photos from that event, here: (Tom White Photography)
In November, ootg announces the new CD release date as being early 2015.

A new ootg album is announced to be released sometime in 2015.
In late January/Early February, Scott updates progress on the new album saying that 7 songs are nearly done, with others in "various stages." He says they are working with Julian on the new record.
October 25th - The new ootg CD titled, "A Little Light Left," is released digitally to those who pre-ordered on the Kickstarter Campaign.
Scott plays on Sara Groves new cd "flood plains"
Scott played at Sara Groves "flood plain" cd release party concert in November
December 4, 2015 - A new official website is put up -
December 4, 2015 - "A Little Light Left" is released officially and available for purchase on itunes as well as the new website

ootg perform with jill phillips and Andy Gullahorn at "the local show" in nashville in september
christine releases a new book called, "the singer and the songwriter: an idea book," in december.

christine puts up a new website, blog, and youtube channel
christine introduces a new book on facebook called "lifelines"
christine announces 5 new songs in the works with son julian as producer
christine blogs about music, singing, recording, and more on her blog and also posts several videos on her youtube channel
christine announces a new book in her "Singer/Songwriter" book series called "Creativity Journal." this is book 3 in the series.
christine announces new music coming in October or November, in the form of an EP.
"Closer to Free" a new 5 song EP from Christine is released in digital form only on December 1, 2017.

A new podcast interview with Christine is available called, "listening in."

On March 1, the ootg online store closes.
christine continues to write articles on her official blog -

Christine serves as editor and consultant on a new musical called, "His Story," released Easter Sunday 2019.

March - Scott and Christine post a short video singing ootg grey songs (during the pandemic isolation!)
Christine continues to write articles on her blog ~
Scott continues to make music with Global Genius Productions (Christine also sings on many of the songs) ~

New Season of Faith Cafe

Rebecca St. James, The Crabb Family, Michelle McKinney Hammond, and More Highlight New Season of i-Lifetv's Faith Cafe The new season, hosted by Dove Award-winning artist Scott Dente, continues to mix coffee, music, and conversation with some of the biggest names in Christian music and publishing Contact: Kristina Hill, 704.806.1511, CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, Sept. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- The exclusive Inspirational Life Television (i-Lifetv) talk show Faith Café launches an exciting new season on Monday, October 1, 2007 at 10:00p.m. Eastern. Guests for the episode are Bob Googe, minister and owner of Jittery Joes Coffee, and Contemporary Christian artist Shaun Groves. The premier kicks-off another season of programs that tackle real-life issues with rising and established musicians as well as noted authors from the Christian community. "This season, we go even deeper with our guests to explore issues such as relationships, issues faced by the modern church, and the practical problems faced by people of all walks of life," said Faith Café producer Charles Powell. "We also debut a fresh, new production set that delivers an entirely different dimension to the show." Another element of the show that Powell said continues to sparkle is Faith Café host Scott Dente. "Scott brings a depth to the show that appeals not only to our viewers, but our guests as well," said Powell. "He's able to dialogue with them about a wide range of issues because he's willing to be transparent about his life." For his part, Dente said that it helps to have guests that also are willing to open up. "It's amazing to hear what our guests have to say," said Dente. "Sometimes, I have to do a double take because I'm talking to people like Rebecca St. James and Cheri Keaggy about subjects that can be very weighty. But these artists are real people, too. These conversations remind us that all of us are striving to live the best life of faith we can. "I also can't forget to mention the performances," said Dente. "We added a host of new and established artists to this season's lineup. The performances are still one of my favorite parts of the show." Some of the guests joining Scott on Faith Café's chaise lounge include: award-winning artist, author, and speaker Rebecca St. James, who talks to Scott on the topic of "Other People's Expectations"; Erin and Amanda Crabb of the award-winning group The Crabb Family, who discuss "Escaping Your Past" and later, join other members of The Crabb Family for one of the group's final performances; pastor and author Jim Palmer and artist Cheri Keaggy who dish on "Modern Church and the Community"; and noted author and talk show host Michelle McKinney Hammond, who offers advice on "Finding Love." Other guests scheduled to appear are: pastor and author Chris Maxwell; the hit-making super group Avalon; nationally-renowned stand-up comedian Nazareth; author Tammy Maltby; singer/songwriter Chris Rice; singer/songwriter Leigh Nash; illusionist BJ Harris; and more. "We've always said that Faith Café is about taking the mask off and building community," said Dente. "This season continues on this path." Faith Café also can be seen on i-Lifetv on Thursdays at 10:30p.m. Eastern and Saturdays at 8:00p.m. Eastern. Viewers can check their local listings for i-Lifetv channel lineup and air time information. i-Lifetv is one of four networks from The Inspiration Ministries. Faith Café and other inspirational and entertainment programs can be seen 24/7 on the Ministry's broadband channel NOTE: Scott Dente and Charles Powell are available for interviews to discuss the new season of Faith Café. To schedule an interview or for more information contact Kristina Hill at 704.806.1511 or About The Inspiration Ministries: The Inspiration Ministries is the parent company to The Inspiration Networks, which are available in more than a billion homes worldwide through its various distribution platforms, including its Internet Broadband site ( and three satellite and cable TV networks: INSP - The Inspiration Network; Inspirational Life Television (i-Lifetv); and Inspiration Network International (INI). The Inspiration Networks also operate "Inspiration Video On Demand," the first inspirational platform for cable television video on demand (VOD) delivery; "Inspiration Global," providing broadband video content in the four major trade languages – French, Italian, German, and Spanish; and "Inspiration Mobile," capable of simultaneously delivering daily inspirational messages to millions of cell phone users nationwide. Please visit for more information.

Standing On The Edge Of Whatever

"Standing on the edge of whatever..." After five studio albums and combined sales of 600,000 units, Out of the Grey found themselves at this very place. Not sure what God had next for this celebrated marriage of artists, Scott & Christine Denté peered from the boundary separating the dull terrain of the familiar and the piercing unknown. It's not that they'd never been there before - but this time it was different. Ten-years, ten #1 songs and four Dove Awards into their career, the Out of the Grey had to find a new home for the songs that were springing up inside them. After going through the arduous process of trying to find a new label, the Dente's began to wonder if they should simply self-finance a new album and sell it on the Internet. Fortunately, a chance meeting at a Nashville barbecue with longtime-friend and Rocketown Records President Don Donahue led to a better option. It didn't take long for Rocketown to realize the opportunity (and challenge) that lay ahead: take Christian music's seminal husband/wife duo and create something new. Both parties were energized by the task and the resulting work, the new album 6.1, is evidence of this enthusiasm. The partnership gave Scott & Christine a new confidence: to go into the studio and re-invent Out of the Grey. But what they found in the end was not so much a re-invention as it was a new beginning for a talent and sound that has become so familiar to so many people. The result is a fearless collection of sophisticated pop songs - made brilliant by an artist who was brave enough to take a chance - and trust God 's direction for their future. That courage and faith comes largely from their years on the road, touring with their three small children - trusting daily for God's provision and safety. Now the Denté kids are growing up (Julian 9, Carina 6, Chloe 4) and Scott & Christine are just trying to keep up!

Faith Cafe

Scott Dente's Faith Cafe on i-Lifetv © Kevan Breitinger Mar 31, 2007 Scott Dente Faith Cafe, i-Lifetv Scott Dente marries his love for coffehouses with his love for people on Faith Cafe, from i-Livetv. Scott Dente has always had an affinity for coffee houses. As one-half of the Dove Award-winning group Out of the Grey, Scott toured the nation in the ‘90s with his wife and music partner, Christine, performing for thousands and searching for quaint coffee houses and conversation with natives. More than a decade later, Out of the Grey fans can catch Scott mixing his love for coffee, music, and conversation on the Inspirational Life Television (i-Lifetv) talk show Faith Café. Airing exclusively on i-Lifetv, Faith Café tackles thought-provoking issues ranging from social justice, to divorce, to grief with new and familiar names in Christian entertainment. Jars of Clay, Ginny Owens, Downhere, Nicole C. Mullen, and authors Chris Maxwell, Angela Thomas and Nate Larkin are just some of the guests that have graced the show’s colorful couch to talk with Scott in front of a live studio audience. Each show seeks to encourage authenticity in relationships and inspire Christian spiritual formation among viewers, who are affectionately referred to as the “Coffeehouse Nation.” Faith Café producer Charles Powell said that Scott was the perfect choice to host the show because of his realness. “This may sound cliché, but Faith Café is not like any other talk show on the market. Our goal is to produce a program that takes an honest look at the spiritual human condition of imperfect people in an imperfect world. Scott gets this. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he has a heart to explore every topic. Our guests and viewers identify with him because he’s just a regular guy.” As for Scott, he credits his success on Faith Café to his career in music. “There’s a perception that Christian artists and other leaders in the faith don’t face the same challenges as everyone else,” said Scott. “We want Faith Café to be a vehicle for our guests to talk about real life – whether it’s an issue they are currently dealing with or how they’re reaching out to help others in need. We discuss life’s challenges, but the twist is to show how we can use our faith to wrestle with them.” Jars of Clay is one guest that met the mandate for the show. The group used their appearance to spotlight their involvement with Blood:Water Mission, a cause that helps Africans drill wells for clean drinking water and find solutions for AIDS-related issues. Author Nate Larkin also appeared on Faith Café to discuss his book Samson and the Pirate Monks during a show about men in isolation. According to Charles, all of the show’s guests are encouraged to follow this formula. “Our guests, famous or not, must speak life and hope to our community of viewers. We’re all about faith in action.” While Faith Café does tackle heavy topics, music is still a cornerstone of the show. “I’m probably being biased, but the performances are one of my favorite parts of the show,” said Scott. “The intimate setting for the show helps artists connect with the studio audience and viewers. It’s truly an experience to remember. That’s our goal for the show. To give our viewers something to remember and act on.” Viewers can check their local listings for i-Lifetv channel line up and air time information. i-Lifetv is one of four networks from The Inspiration Networks. Faith Café and other ministry and entertainment programs can be seen 24/7 on the organization’s broadband channel

See Inside

SEE INSIDE Out of the Grey Interview by Sharon Harper ( Focusing on the essentials, the truth of the gospel, is a black and white issue for the pop duo Out of the Grey. Nothing will cloud the impact of that message, although the two performers hope listeners will dig into their lyrics for a deeper understanding of what it means to walk the walk. Scott and Christine Denté, the engaging talents with a flair for meaningful, artsy songs set to guitar driven vocals, are 'coming clean' with a push toward transparency in See Inside. "We want to draw people in and make them feel comfortable," Scott says, referring to previous packaging that he says made the couple appear aloof. "We want people to see inside us, inside our music, our lyrics, but to take the time and see inside themselves and what's in there. It kind of intertwines with all the ideas of what See Inside means." Themes of hope, trust, joy, and honesty weave through the tapestry of See Inside. Like deep calls to deep, these lyrical messages don't spoon-feed listeners. They must connect the threads themselves. "It draws you in and makes you want to pick up the lyric book in the CD and say, 'What is this person getting at?' So you have to do a little work. Any great art makes you work. Even if you look at a painting, you have to respond to it. We want people to respond to our lyrics and our music. Because if you don't have to respond, you're just passive," Scott says. On their fifth album, the Dentés decided a new approach would turn the tide of sameness their projects were slipping into. They traded friend and longtime producer Charlie Peacock for Brown Bannister, another master planner when it comes to spearheading a breakout album. "After the fourth record our music was starting to hit an ordinary kind of groove," Christine admits. "We wanted to challenge ourselves a little bit. We have grown so much with Charlie in the past years, but we needed to grow in a different way. It's scary. We definitely left our comfort zone for uncharted waters." As if they were starting all over again, the couple took a year off touring to concentrate on songwriting and cook up a whole batch of the good, the bad, and the best to choose from. Locking themselves in a 10x10 writers' room at Sparrow and calling up noted songwriters Brent Bougeouis and Phil Madeira to collaborate, the Dentés removed a tray of goodies sure to please palettes hungry for edgy, intellectual pop. "We really felt like we had some time to sit down and explore musically and not feel the weight of a deadline like we had in the past. So we had some time to travel down any creative avenue we wanted," Scott explains. "When we started working with Brown and some of the musicians we'd used in the past, it all came together," Christine adds. "It coalesced into the record we wanted to make. That's what See Inside is. We got the edge and the energy we wanted." Energy and musical diversity sets this project apart from their others. From the first cut, "No Leaving," when Christine cuts loose with raw breathy emotion, to the last, "Joy," sung with ethereal vocals to cello magic by John Catchings, this release will surprise and captivate listeners with a taste for something different. Scott showcases his acoustic guitar chops in remarkable riffs throughout See Inside. His handiwork will be featured on material in a male version of The Trio with guitar greats Phil Keaggy and Wes King to be released this fall. Christine joined Susan Ashton and Margaret Becker in the original Trio in '95's Along the Road. "Disappear" and "Constant" are the first releases to hit radio play. "'Disappear' really represents who Scott and I are. We struggle just like every other Christian with 'We know what the truth is, but here's where we are.' Then we read in Colossions 3: 'For you died and your life is hidden with Christ who died.' That's where I want to be." Although change is inevitable as growth occurs, the format for success lies in the Dentés' supreme talent for putting pen to paper. "I think our music appeals to people who want to delve into the lyric, who want to be able to rock with a pop song, but not be spoon-fed the lyric. We're riding that fine line of clarity versus art and creativity," Christine says, "and sometimes, I think we do it pretty well."

Billy Graham Association

In the first week of February, 1992, my husband, Scott, and I expectantly watched the due date of our first child come and go. Slightly daunted by the prospect of a prolonged wait, we set our sights on a Valentine's baby. Once again the date passed by. But the Lord smiled on us the following morning, and the moment that we had beren waiting for arrived. As the waves of labor intensified and I became more vocal about them, Scott envisioned himself sprinting out of the hospital door and across the parking lot to escape the pain of watching my pain. Of course he quickly suppressed the urge to run and returned his focus to me. A few hours later we joyfully greeted our newborn son. How often in our marriages do we get the urge to bolt, whether in the physical or emotional sense? How often do we suppress that urge and stay the course? Like many other people, I grew up on a steady diet of romantic ideals. Falling into love and being in love were the rich themes of youth that I carried with me into our marriage. But what about staying in love? When the euphoric cloud slowly lifted to reveal a calmer, quieter landscape with occasional twists and turns in the road, how then would we navigate our relationship? My choices were either to remain the thrill-seeker of the past, and head for the nearest emotion exit or to become the promise-keeper of the covenant that I made with God and Scott--to settle in for the long haul. Early in our marriage Scott and I set the theme for staying in love and chose a quotation from C.S. Lewis: "Love as a distinct from 'being in love'is not merely a feeling. It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by (in Christian marriages) the grace which both [partners] ask, and receive, from God....'Being in love' first moved them to promise fidelity:this quieter love enables them to keep the promise." * And so I embrace the times in our marriage when our feelings of love are strong and passionate. Scott and I work hard to tend those fires and keep our hearts tender toward each other. But in those moments when we don't feel "in love," we know that our firm foundation is a sacrificial Saviour who reminds us to build with the pillars of humility, forgiveness, and faithfulness. Here we are now, after nine years of marriage and three children. This quieter love, though sometimes quite noisy, has brought greater and deeper joy than we could have imagined. Had Scott or I run out when the waves of difficult days threatened to crush us, we would never have known the greater blessings that come with staying in love. --Christine Denté Christone Denté is a contemporary Christian musician and recording artist. She and her husband, Scott, form a singing duo know as Out of the Grey. Together the have won numerous awards for their work, including Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association(GMA). They are the parents of three children and make their home in Nashville, Tennesee. They attend Christ Community Church (Prebyterian Church in America), in Franklin. Copyright ©1997 Billy Graham Evagelistic Association. *From "Christian Behaviour," by C.S.Lewis, 1943; in "Mere Christianity,by CS Lewis Copyright 1943, 1045, 1952 Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, NY; Harper Collins Publishers Limited, London, England; used by permission of the Estate of C S Lewis, London England.

Nashville Radio Show

Interview from NVille radio show Out of the Grey's Interview with Mark and Laurie-January 1997 (Christine was sick, so only Scott appears here, talking) Mark: How're you doing there Scott? Scott: Doing great, good morning Mark. Mark: You look good and while we had not seen you, you went and had another child on us. Scott: Went and had another child, went and made another record, and we're now standing at 4 records, 3 children. Mark: So you're trying to- Scott: We're trying to outpace the children with the records. Yeah, we think that once the children outnumber the records, that the career is pretty much over. Mark: Is this it with the kids, or are you planning to have some more? Scott: Well, I don't know; we're praying about it. Mark: Is she [Christine] going to make it to Caffe Milano tonight? Scott: Well, I hope so. Christine woke up, uh, she had that killer sore throat that's been going around. It started to go away, then we were up late at the studio last night and it started to come back. So she thought it best to sleep a little bit: which is probably not possible with the kids anyways. Mark: I was just thinking that. Scott: I think she's going to be okay for tonight at Caffe Milano. We're going to bring a little band with us this time and have a good time with the folks. Mark: I was just thinking...when I first saw you was you, and her, and that guitar. I thought when I first saw you guys (and I'm sure many people have told you this) "you see them and you're like: Wow! it just sounds like there's a band up there." I guess it's the way you bang on that guitar. Scott: I guess it's the banging thing. I'm just motivated by stage fright, I guess. Mark: Now, you really get into that. Does that come natural for you to be so intense on your guitar? Scott: I don't know. I guess I'm just a nervous guy, and it just kind-of comes out that way. But I can't stop it. I've tried to tone it down a little bit. I remember one time, when we were out opening for Steven Curtis Chapman, a few years back, after we had played, I overheard some guy saying "What did you think of that Out of the Grey?" And the other guy said, "They were really good, but that guy was jumping around too much." So... I tried toning it down a little bit after that. Mark: All because of that one person!? Scott: Well, you know, I'm easily affected by those things. Mark and Laurie: Awww. Scott: Well, it made me think. So I tried toning it down, but I wasn't able to... I just can't stop that wiggling. Laurie: You look like a spider. Mark: OK, let's play some music here (He plays "All We Need" from DIAMOND DAYS" Mark: Tell us your children's names. Scott: Julian is going to be five in February, Carina is..a little girl that is...2 1/2 and we have a four month old little girl named Chloe. So every day is very eventful and very long. Nathan (caller): Hey Scott. Scott: How ya doing man? What's up? Nathan: What do you usually do on the weekends? Scott: You know, I have to say that lately I've become my father - I like sitting around and watching sports. Mark: Did you catch the Sugar Bowl? Scott: I didn't really go to a college that had a football team, so I never really got hooked on college football. But when my friends get excited about it, I'll watch a game with them. Mark: You said you were in the studio last night? Scott: Yep, just finishing mixing our fifth recording. (Mark plays "The Dance" from Out of the Grey's self-titled debut) Mark: Your name is Dente. Scott: It's an Italian name that means - the direct translation is "to the tooth." Mark: For real? Scott: For real. Mark: Hey now, tell us about your new album, which Brown Bannister is producing. Scott: We're doing our first recording with Brown Bannister, and like I said before, this is our fifth album. It'll be out in March. The album is entitled, "See Inside." Laurie: Is it different from all your other recordings? Scott: Well yeah. There's 10 new songs. It's a more energetic record. We're just thrilled with it. We like every song so far. We wrote almost all the songs. Christine wrote a song with Brent Bourgeois and there's another one we co-wrote with Phil Madeira, and there's another we co-wrote with our dear friend, Charlie Peacock. Laurie: So does your album have a theme? Scott: I knew you were going to ask that! I think there's a lot of familiar Out of the Grey themes. If you were to go through our lyrics, you'd find familiar themes. The thing we keep coming back to is that it's a struggle living in this world. So it's once again, Scott and Christine struggling to live like Christians in a foreign land. Mark: I like this. It's sounds very transparent and vulnerable. Scott: We're trying to be real. Mark: I'm going to play my favorite Out of the Grey song of all time... Scott: Let me guess! Mark: De- what? Scott: I can't guess ... "Wishes"? Mark: No, this. (He plays "He is Not Silent" from their self-titled debut) Jeff (caller): I'm coming out tonight for sure. We got that GRAVITY CD and my wife plays that song, "So We Never Got to Paris" over and over and over again. I tell you I know every word of it. Mark: Can you sing the chorus of it? Jeff: *Singing* "So we Never Got to Paris" and built a cafe of our dreams... Mark: Scott, what do you think, when people sing your lyrics to you? Scott: It's one of the most exciting things. It's really kind-of cool. Mark: What's your wife's name? Jeff: Deanna. Scott: Well, we'll try to fit that song in for you. Jeff: Sure, great. Mark: I want you to tell the story of how you and Christine got together. Scott: We were going to college in Boston. And Christine - well she gets mad when I tell this part, but she's not here, so what can she do!? - She was seeing my roommate at the time, and y'know I was thinking, "this is kind-of a nice girl" so I convinced her she didn't need to be seeing my roommate anymore. So we started having coffee and going out together - not really in a romantic kind-of way- and I wasn't a believer at the time. And eventually we came to that point where she was not really letting it go any further, because she didn't want to be hooked up with somebody who didn't know the Lord. And so she gave me a Bible for Valentine's Day that year, and I put it on the shelf with all of my other spiritual books and said, "Oh thank you very much for that." But eventually, that Bible came down off the shelf and the Lord really started speaking to me through the gospel and kind of hit me over the head with that real truth. And not much longer after that, I started going to Bible studies and meeting real Christians and realized that there was something really missing in my life. Mark: So she was a missionary-dater. Scott: She was a bit of a missionary-dater at the time, which we don't recommend, by the way. But the Lord can redeem some very tricky situations, and He chose to redeem that situation and there's been no turning back ever since then. Copyright © '97 The Out of the Grey HomeSite. Transcription provided by Allison

Out of the Grey...Into The Fire

Out of the Grey into the fire... or hey, did anyone happen to get the license number on that truck? Release October 95 It's all about logistics. You've got to somehow feed the baby, get her to stop crying and put her down for her nap in time for the interview while you have to keep running out of the room to check on the other kid every time he bangs his head on a table or chokes on a grape because it all absolutely has to be under control before your session in the studio this afternoon and did you, by the way, manage to take some introspective hours to get that lyric crafted and whoops! the baby's crying again so let the answering machine pick up that call, and say, you really need to find some quality time to spend alone with your spouse before that grueling two-month burn on the road starts but you remembered to pick out the photos you liked, I'm sure, because if you didn't they'll probably use those dorky ones and hey, do you feel a little tense this morning 'cause you sure look a little tense this morning. . . Question: The above paragraph best describes: a) The plotline for yet another charmingly abrasive FOX sitcom b) What really goes on during those White House staff meetings c) The reason dinosaurs became extinct d) A day in the life of a pop star (check one) "To record our fourth album at all was a bit of a miracle," says Out of the Grey's guitarist Scott Denté as he reflexively doles out another round of blueberries to daughter Corinna, 11 months, and son Julian, 3 years. "But the fact that it came out somewhat coherent and that the record company wanted to release it made it feel like a major accomplishment to us. It's been a crazy year. . ." Gravity, the latest offering from husband and wife duo Scott and Christine Denté winds up sounding in some ways like a chronicle of their recent existence. While it furthers the musical sophistication and lyrical intelligence of previous Out of the Grey projects, Gravity has, at the same time, a certain aura of earthiness and immediacy that seems to spring from the ups and downs of daily life. "We're in such a mad dash ahead that we find ourselves playing catch-up most of the time," says Christine. "The trick we've been trying to learn is how to be thankful and focused right in the middle of that mad dash. There are definite expressions of those whirlwind emotions scattered through this record. It's a state of being we've come to regard as 'the happy struggle'." Pausing to fetch some juice from the refrigerator for Julian, Christine continues. "I love where we are and what we're doing, both as parents and as musicians, but I often find myself wishing that I had more time to do the reading and the introspection and the praying--the things that I need to draw substance from when it's time to sit down and write a song. With this record we're so busy being Out of the Grey that it's difficult to find time to grow Out of the Grey." "With our first record," Scott adds, adjusting the baby's high chair tray, "we had all the time in the world because nobody even knew who we were. Once you put out that first, though, you've only got a few months to come up with the next one. A lot of artists stumble at that point and really have nothing to say after that first record because of the pressure of people saying, 'Oh, hurry up and be great again!' It took us awhile to become semi-comfortable creating music within that context." So how does a Denté deal with the mounting frenzy of priorities and responsibilities, and the constant tension between the dreams and the realities of life as they pile up all around? Exactly! They write a poignantly autobiographical smash hit song about it. "The season of life we're in is encapsulated in the song "So We Never Got To Paris,'" Christine explains. "You take some of your dreams, you weigh them with where you're at right now, and you say 'This one can go.' So we never got to Paris. Big Deal. We've got everything we need right here. There are only so many things that you can do or accomplish in a given year or even in a given lifetime. Choose what's most important and don't lose time crying over the rest. Your satisfaction and contentment have to be found where you are right now or you'll never find them anywhere." Having spoken as long as the demands of motherhood will allow, Christine leaves the room to nurse Corinna. Scott, meanwhile, wanders over to the espresso machine and returns to the table nursing a third cup of coffee. Pegged by some as an 'alternative pop' act after the release of their first album, Out of the Grey has finally (after four years in the business) all but managed to shed that label as they've focused more and more on expressing creativity in the context of craft as opposed to expressing creativity in the context of a vacuum. "We're not as interested as we once were," says Scott between sips, "in being different just for the sake of being different. Or, as our producer Charlie Peacock would put it, we're not trying to deny the song where it wants to go just for the sake of being odd. Of course, we still throw a few musical curves here and there, but we're no longer so blatant as to try to hit the batter with them." Christine returns to the kitchen (after settling Corinna into her crib for a nap) and deftly sums up her previous line of thought. "We make time for our kids and we steal time with each other whenever we can, even if it's just in snatches of five or ten minutes before we go on stage, or in the bus after a show, or during a break in the studio. The truth is, children aren't convenient in the world of business, but our commitment to actively parent our kids every day is an area where we refuse to compromise. Occasionally that may mean your hair doesn't look too good when you come on stage because you didn't have the luxury of an extra fifteen minutes to work on it, and sometimes we're frazzled by the end of the night because we're tending to the kids and to the audience and to the press, but somehow or another it all gets done. . ." "And in a strange sort of way," Scott adds, "we even enjoy it. But that's probably related in some way to our shared coffee addiction." Which bring us to our next point. . . GRAVITY, LEVITY, BREVITY, BOXERS AND BRIEFS OR EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE BUT DIDN'T CARE ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY ASK UNTIL YOU WERE FINALLY FORCED TO BY A THIRD PARTY Wouldn't it be fun to have Out of the Grey's Scott and Christine Denté interview one another? After all, they know better than anyone what goes on inside one another's heads. They could dig up lots of interesting information that your run-of-the-mill journalist would never even think to ask about. What a personable touch that would add to a magazine feature! (Or so the theory went...) Christine: (hereafter referred to as Chris): Where does your love of coffee come from? Is it genetic, or is it learned behavior? Scott: (hereafter referred to as Scott): My love of coffee? What about your love of coffee? Chris: Just answer the question, please. Scott: I'm convinced that my love of coffee is learned behavior stemming from a genetic predisposition. I don't have a scripture to back that up but I'm pretty well convinced of it all the same. Chris: What do you want to be doing twenty years from now? Scott: You already know what we'll be doing twenty years from now. We'll have moved to Branson, Missouri, and set up our Out of the Grey dinner theater. Chris: Besides that. Scott: I could see myself still working in the music business in some capacity. Let's see. . .I'm a people person and I like to talk so what would that make me? Chris: An A&R guy? Scott: That's it, an A&R guy. I just need the leather couch, I've already got opinions. So let me ask you a question. Do you have any dreams outside of our current careers that you hope to someday pursue? Chris: Someday I'd like to be able to sleep for eight hours at a stretch, uninterrupted. Scott: (still referred to as Scott): I'm talking about realistic goals. Chris: So what about you, what's your big dream? Scott: I'd like to have the time to sit alone in a room for a year and create a guitar album. Chris: And you had the nerve to call my dreams farfetched? Okay, here's a question for you. Now that we have been Out of the Grey for four records, do you feel that our music and our lives are the original meaning of Out of the Grey itself or have we changed in any way or has the meaning of Out of the Grey changed in the last four years with us. Scott: You know what, you'll have to ask that again. I don't know what it means. Chris: Is Out of the Grey still the original Out of the Grey or. . . Scott: Or have we changed members? Chris:. . .or does our music still represent what we wanted to say in the first record or has the meaning of the name changed along with what we want to say or what we do now finishing our fourth record? Scott: Christine, that question should be taken outside and put out of its misery. Chris: Why do men so often try to skirt deeper issues and make jokes out of everything? Scott: Because we fear death. Okay, answer these quickly. Biscuits or cornbread? Chris: Cornbread. Scott: Chocolate chip or oatmeal? Chris: Cookies? Scott: Yes. Chris: Both. Scott: Boxers or briefs? Chris: Boxers are way too violent. I'd have to go with briefs. Your turn. If you were stuck in a prison cell and could have only one hobby to occupy your time, what would it be? Scott: Tunneling. So Christine, have you ever been to Paris? Chris: No, we never got to Paris. Scott: If you could go anywhere in the world you wanted, what two books would you take? Chris: Fodor's Guide to the World and. . . Scott: No, wait. I misstated the question. If you could go back to any time in your life and observe yourself. . .what would you wear? Chris: Rose-colored glasses. Okay, if you could go back now and talk to yourself when you were fourteen, what advice would you give yourself? You only have ten seconds, and the clock's running! Scott: Now? . . .Drink your milk, and. . . Chris: Time's up. Scott:. . .and buy stock in Microsoft! Chris: Too late. If you could pass on one personality trait to your daughter, what would it be? And vanity doesn't count. Scott: Is the ability to sleep with one's eyes open considered a personality trait? Chris: No. Did you ever own a black light? Scott: No. Chris: Strobelight? Scott: No. Chris: Fuzzy poster? Scott: Okay, so I had the one with the black panther. Anything else you want to know? Chris: No, that's it. The prosecution rest. Your witness. . . Douglas Kaine McKelvey, recently absolved of any wrongdoing in the Iran-Contra Affair, currently lives and writes in the general vicinity of Nashville, Tennessee. copyright 1995 Release Magazine

Out of the Disaster

Out of the Disaster Interview by Chris Lutes Campus Life October 95 "I'm not interested in funding this disaster anymore. So get a job." The "disaster," Scott Denté tells me, was his first two semesters of college. The bluntly direct statement, he adds, was made by his dad, who'd gotten sick of spending money on a son who wasn't "into studying." Scott, guitarist for the husband-wife duo Out of the Grey, has joined me for an interview at Harry Caray's Restaurant in downtown Chicago. Unfortunately, his wife, Christine, couldn't make it because of a severe sore throat. As lead singer for Out of the Grey, she had to save her voice for a concert that evening. (Scott and Christine had been on tour with fellow artists Margaret Becker and Susan Ashton.) I gotta admit, I was disappointed by Christine's absence. After all, Out of the Grey's acoustic-spiced pop is a team effort. What kind of decent interview could I have with only half the team? But my disappointment soon took a hike as Scott and I got into a pretty cool conversation about his relationship with Christine, his spiritual search and, of course, the "disaster." WHY'D YOUR DAD GET SO TICKED OFF? I was goofing around a lot. If I wanted to, I could sit in the student lounge all day. Nobody was around to make me go to class. I obviously wasn't ready for all the freedom college gives. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER YOUR DAD PULLED YOU OUT OF SCHOOL? Being a rock-and-roll kind of guy, I started looking for jobs at places like record stores. My dad said, "No way." He wanted me to have a real job. So he got me work at a warehouse in Manhattan. I'm getting up at 5 in the morning to ride the subway from our home in New Jersey. I'm carrying around these heavy pipes and stuff all day long. I'm going to bed every night at 8--exhausted. After several months of this, I told Dad, "I'm dying to go back to school!" Which, by the way, was his intention all along. He obviously wanted to give me a taste of how tough it could be in the real work world, so I'd go running back to school. He agreed to let me try college again. I applied to Berklee College of Music in Boston and got accepted. SO WERE YOU READY TO GET INTO STUDYING THIS TIME AROUND? N-o-o-o [laughter]. Eventually, though, my guitar teacher confronted me. It was obvious I hadn't been practicing. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Scott, put your guitar in the case." He then said, "You have to decide right now what you want to be. You need to decide if you want to be a guitar owner or a guitar player." His words hit me hard. And I actually started to get my act together. I worked harder at the guitar and at all my studies. SO WHERE'S CHRISTINE COME IN? We met through my roommate. He was dating her at the time and the two of them dropped by our apartment for something to eat. I'm sittin' in the living room writing a term paper, and also watching TV. She said to me, "You're writing a paper with the TV on?" I answered, "Yeah, so?" She said, "Turn it off." INTERESTING FIRST CONVERSATION! Yeah. And by the way, even with the TV on, I got a B+ on the paper. HER IN-YOUR-FACE ATTITUDE APPARENTLY DIDN'T TURN YOU OFF? Scott [laughs] I thought she was funny. I also thought she was beautiful. SO DID YOU MASTERMIND A BREAKUP BETWEEN CHRISTINE AND YOUR ROOMY? No, but not long after I met her she stopped seeing my roommate. Chris and I just started noticing each other around campus. Eventually we were going out for coffee together. She was really pretty lonely at the time. Her dad was dying of cancer and she needed somebody to talk to about it. She also talked about her Christian faith, which kind of kept me from wanting a more serious relationship. WHY SO? I was interested in spiritual stuff--but not Christianity. I'd taken religion classes in Voodooism and Buddhism. I'd read novels and books about all kinds of weird religious experiences. But I had no interest in a "traditional religion" like Christianity. DID THAT BOTHER CHRISTINE? Actually, she was into "rescuing guys." You know, dating them so she could "straighten them out"--which she now admits was a very dangerous and unhealthy way to date. Anyway, I was another "rescue project." When Valentine's Day came around, she gave me a Bible. WHAT DID YOU GIVE HER? M&Ms. YOU GAVE HER M&MS? Yeah, they were in this heart-shaped container. Hey, I had 10 bucks to my name. I was a poor college student! SO WHAT CAME OF THE BIBLE? I put it up on my bookshelf, next to my copy of Autobiography of a Yogi. Not long after that she gave me a copy of "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, which I did read. WHY DIDN'T THAT ONE END UP NEXT TO YOGI? I appreciated the way Lewis developed his arguments in a clear and intelligent way: If you believe X, Y and Z, you're a Christian. If you don't, you're not. After reading the book, I think God grabbed my head. He grabbed my heart later. SO DID YOU AND CHRISTINE END UP TALKING ABOUT "MERE CHRISTIANITY?" Talk about it? It caused an argument. Somewhere in our "discussion," I told her bluntly, "Look, what do you think I'm going to do? Read a book, call myself a Christian, then ask you to marry me?" I know I sounded defensive. But I really respected her. I didn't want to be accused of mixed motives. HOW'D SHE RESPOND? I can't remember. But we did kind of pull back a bit. We kept seeing each other, but we were both more guarded. As for Christianity, I avoided the subject. I did, however, agree to go to an Amy Grant concert with Chris. Sometime during the concert, Amy gave a talk about her college days. I honestly don't remember what she said, but I remember feeling she was so open and honest. Earlier, I told you C.S. Lewis grabbed my head. Well, what Amy said about her faith grabbed my heart. I remember going back to my apartment, getting into bed and praying, "Lord, I know you're there now, and I want you in my life." A couple of days later, I took the Bible Chris gave me and read through the Gospels. What I read started to make sense. It was like God was opening my eyes to his truths. HOW'D CHRISTINE REACT TO THE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE? It took awhile to talk to her about it. I was still concerned about the "mixed motives" problem. Eventually, though, we started attending church together. Our common faith soon became the center of our dating relationship. I gotta stress, though, we were very fortunate. God redeemed a potentially bad situation and used it to his glory. Neither Christine nor I would recommend dating a non-Christian. We were just very fortunate everything turned out like it did. Actually, after eight years of marriage, things couldn't have turned out better. Copyright (c) 1995 Christianity Today, Inc./CAMPUS LIFE Magazine

Down To Earth

Out of the Grey - Down To Earth By April Hefner CCM August 95 When Christine Denté walks into a room, it's natural to stop and stare. It's not just her beauty which catches the eye--there's something else, something deeper, that's readily apparent. With Christine comes a sincerity and a discernment that is evident on first glance, yet on stage she translates it into magnetism and passion, excitement and grace. She is charming without being slick, articulate without being polished. Yet, in the midst of all that she is, there's still very much of that little tomboy that lovesto wrinkle her nose at the thought of a high school kiss or roll her eyes at her wisecracking husband. And Scott? It's easy to imagine him as the king instigator of practical jokes and back-row laughter in grammar school, the one who never quite got caught for his crimes. With a glance from those sparkling blue eyes and easy grin, teachers became victim to the prankster's oldest trick in the book. Now, all grown up, he uses the same formula to gently tease his wife and scold the children which suddenly show some of daddy's tendencies. But beneath the surface of jokes and quick wit which pervade his exterior lies the heart of a seeker--a man who searched blindly for answers until the finger of friendship pointed to the one light he was afraid to see. Even as he doodles and sketches to keep his ever-moving hands busy during our interview, it's apparent that his is a mind that never stops working, whether focused on career or matters of the heart. The story of how these two became one reads in some respect as a parable of the power and mercy of God's hand. It's a story told time and again, but few know how these two paths converged. So in our conversation, we meandered back a bit further to two precocious middle children growing up in not-so-different families on the East Coast.... Chris-Tal Clear Memory For Christine, those first memories come slowly and wistfully, but involve an adventurous blond girl testing the limits of nature and her family's small trailer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. "[I was] barefoot as early as I could be in the spring..." "Oh geesh," Scott interrupts. "Let me write this down. That's beautiful..." Christine, laughing, continues: "I was a tomboy. As early as I can remember, my brother and I played in the mud puddles together." "Street urchins..." Scott playfully mutters. "We saved all the lost little animals that we found at the trailer park and tried to keep them alive. When my mom was at work, we lured wild ducks into the bathroom of the trailer. My father was into all kinds of music, and he played it very loudly, everything from country to rock 'n' roll. And I did all the music things in high school--I was Liesel in 'Sound of Music.' I was 16 going on 17, except I had to kiss that guy," she comments with a slight look of disgust at the memory. "I just really enjoyed being the tomboy and playing in the mud, bringing home the stray cats." It was a nice world, a pleasant childhood, filled with wonder, imagination and the inevitable strays of all shapes and sizes. It was that sense of caring for the lost and lonely pets wandering through her young life that carried over to her college years where she met another lost and lonely creature, searching for a haven of truth rather than just a shelter from the weather. But it was these early years that planted seeds of faith in Christine, and those seeds slowly but surely bloomed throughout her adolescence. "[My family] didn't go to church except occasionally with grandma. I think vacation Bible school had a real impact - our neighbors took us two or three times a year. And the Good News Club - after school, kids could go to somebody's house and they'd stick those felt figures up on a board and tell us about Jesus. From early as I can remember, I knew who Jesus was. But I never really knew what to do with it. Not going to church and not being schooled in Christianity, it took until high school before I started pursuing Him as He pursued me." Christine describes that period by pointing out the emptiness in the good life she already led. "I recall being in my senior year of high school and feeling like I had everything. Unfortunately, everything at that point was Homecoming Queen, cheerleader, the popularity - I look back on them now and see them as useless and detrimental pursuits. At that time, I was thankful, and I knew I had someone to thank. That's when I started turning toward my Creator, turning toward my Bible, turning toward my Saviour. At that point I started growing as a Christian. I can't put my finger on a date when I became a Christian, [but] I know that the Lord had His hand on me from day one." Just a Scott, hip and a jump For Scott, the memories aren't that different though they certainly involved a bit more globe-trotting. "One of my first memories is making a snowman on the back porch in Edison, New Jersey and using Fruit Loops for the eyes, nose and mouth and eating them and the snow. After that, I don't remember anything until we moved to California. My father was, and still is, in defense contracting. He used to tell [my brother and sister and I] that he was in the Mafia and that's why we had to move around a lot. We believed it for a little while, too. We moved back to New Jersey when I was in sixth grade and that's basically where I grew up. "I was a suburban kid, grew up playing stick ball and street hockey. We had the typical loud dinners where everyone wanted to talk at the same time, except my dad who was the strong silent type. My mom is an absolute nut case, in a good way. She's a very funny lady. My mom got serious about her faith when I was in about seventh grade. She would try to get all of us excited about God... [but] I was one of those exploring types." Once his elementary school passion for a career as a professional skateboarder died down, music captured young Scott's fancy. However, that desire soon degenerated into a poor academic performance by the end of his high school years. "[After graduation] I went to a local college for a year and majored in video games - did very badly. I just wasn't doing anything. This was when, in retrospect, my father did about the smartest thing for me that he's ever done. He got me a job loading trucks in New York City." Two years later and now in New Jersey, Scott was still loading trucks, but with an ever increasing despondency. "I slowly saw my life slipping away. My dreams were to be this serious musician, and I was just a tired factory worker. I was starting to feel pretty lonely. My spirit was just dying - I was hating it. I applied to the Berklee College of Music, and my parents said that if I got in, then I could go. I remember the day the phone call came. There was a voice over the loudspeaker [at the warehouse] that said 'Scott you've got a phone call on line one.' My mother never called me at work, [but] I knew it was my mom, and I knew it was yea or nay. And it was yea. I immediately walked into the office and gave my two weeks notice. It was a really big moment for me. It still didn't straighten me out too much - I wasted the first two years at Berklee too. I would like to say that I went on to a great college career, but that isn't true. Until I met Christine." Nails in the coffin It was during this time that Scott's search for answers to life's questions had reached its peak, and with the answers not being found in philosophy courses or meditation or any of the vast array of religions he investigated, Scott simply quit looking. "My mom was a Christian. She was very spiritual, and I was interested in things of that nature, but wasn't necessarily interested in the way she had gone, maybe just to be different. But [I was] also sincerely looking for something somewhere else and not wanting to discount anything. I learned a lot about Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen... but none of those things afforded me any peace or anything that was real, nothing that I could grab onto that was life changing or moved me in any way. I was tired of it. I burned out on it, and I just stopped. I was kind of dead inside. Then I met this girl, she was a Christian." Knowing the "lingo" from his mother, Scott felt safe in his new friendship with Christine as long as her beliefs stayed "in a little box." However, as the relationship grew, Scott's open-minded nature led him to further explore Christianity. "I respected [Christine] a lot, but I also condescended some, too like 'You haven't seen the bigger picture, there's a picture bigger than Christianity.' We traded books. I gave her Illusions by Richard Bach, and she gave me Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (which is still one of my favorite books of all time). Then on Valentine's Day I gave her jellybeans, and she gave me a Bible. Eventually, I started reading it, thinking I knew what was in there but truly reading it for the first time. The Gospels just killed me. I went to the Gospels because there was all that red letter stuff so I figured that must be important. I pretty much concentrated on the teachings of Jesus, and it just started hitting me over the head, left and right. It was like the light was coming on. It was one of the most incredible times in my life." In His divine and mysterious manner, God used another language to communicate to Scott the Good News, a language Scott could easily understand - music. "Chris had lent me her copy of Amy Grant's Unguarded which was the perfect thing to give me because there's some great guitar on that record. So I asked her for more, and she gave me Age to Age and Straight Ahead. Before I knew it I was walking down the street singing 'Jehovah' and didn't even know what 'Jehovah' was. But I was singing 'Jehovah I love you so and Jesus I want you to know.' There were some serious seeds being planted. Then we went to the Unguarded concert in Massachusetts, and that was another nail in my coffin so to speak. That's a horrible way of putting it, but God was just hitting me over the head saying, 'Lay down, lay down, lay down.' And I did. I laid down." Best of Both Worlds It took time before that self-described stubborn young man did, in fact, lay down his life at the feet of the Saviour, but now nearly eight years later the marks of change are clear. And though it certainly didn't start off on solid footing, Scott and Christine's friendship-turned-romance has enjoyed seven years of marriage and two children, Julian, 3, and Carina, 1. As a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and the church, marriage by default teaches a great deal about extending grace day by day. But the Dentés are discovering children as a rule tend to teach them even more about their own selfishness. "It's the constant throwing off of self which is what God causes us to do anyway," explains Christine. "With children, you walk in the door, and you want to maybe go to the bathroom or clean up or something, but no. You have to deal with the children first. You have to take care of their needs constantly. It's a wonderful way to learn how to be more Christ-like." "We also feel the responsibility," adds Scott. "Julian's three, and he's asking why, he's asking how, he's asking what. So you start going through your own mind, 'How, why, what? What do I believe and what am I going to tell him? Why can't he do that? Why can't he watch that? Should I be watching that?' Questions you don't want to ask yourself. They teach us as much as we teach them." So what is this dynamic duo learning about right now? A lot it seems as Out of the Grey's new album reflects even more contemplation than the last with songs that point directly to truth. And as they head out on tour with Chris Eaton this fall, Scott and Christine pray others may see their heart for God alone. "We don't really have any agendas with our music," says Christine. "Scott and I are very dedicated to pursuing the Lord and His word in a very God-centered sense rather than a self-centered sense. This faith in Jesus is based on the facts, the fact that Jesus came and He died and He rose again, not that He makes me feel good or that He's healed me from hard life. Those are all fringe benefits. The fact is He is God and He is to be worshipped, and we need a Saviour because we are all sinners. The songs [on our new album Gravity] reflect on the fact that the human condition is a grave situation. There's going to be a time of reckoning whether [you] admit it or not. The weight of the words of God's reconciliation and God's judgement is something that can crush you, or it can lead you to the throne of grace." God's reconciliation and His judgement represent both the good news and the bad news of the Gospel for us all. For the Dentés, the Good News has embraced them and held them - it broke Scott of a stubborn refusal to see the light and brought Christine out of the emptiness of where her life was headed. By grace rather than grave, these two have profoundly felt the gravity of the compelling mystery of God, a mystery they hope to share. CCM Communications c 1995. For information on subscribing to CCM, call 800/333-9643

Diggin Up Diamond Days

Out of the Grey - Diggin' Up Diamond Days By Deborah Evans Price CCM May 1994 Few new albums seem more appropriately titled than Out of the Grey's Diamond Days. Sipping coffee in their cozy kitchen on a quiet Monday afternoon, Scott and Christine Denté appear to be in the midst of diamond days in both their professional lives. They recently moved into a beautiful new home. Their adorable toddler, Julian, is sleeping upstairs, and they have a second child due on July 4. Professionally, they've just released their third album to enthusiastic feedback. Aaah yes, diamond days indeed. "These are the diamond years," Scott agrees with a smile. "Actually we've been in the house two months, and we've probably lived in the house 21 days. We just kind of still wander around and I keep joking [saying] 'I'm waiting for the people who live here to come home,' but it's ours. A couple of years ago we could not have fathomed the idea of owning a home or recording albums." MUSICAL DAYS The talented couple can now add both those accomplishments to their personal resumé. But if you think happiness and contentment breed complacency, think again. On Diamond Days, Scott and Christine continue to serve up insightful, though-provoking lyrics that avoid Christianese clichés and opt for heartfelt explorations of how we relate to each other and to God. Musically, Out of the Grey has always been inventive, sophisticated and artsy, but Diamond Days goes a few steps further. It's the first time the duo recorded live in the studio with a band. "The biggest reason this whole record is different is that we had all live players," Scott says. "For seven days we had six musicians in the room tossing around ideas, playing off each other. It was - I say this [and] it's gonna be a cliché - but it was a musical highlight of my career. No doubt about it. I was just grinning the whole time. We were tired, but it was fun, a lot of fun." When songs are recorded using computer programming rather than live players, there's a better chance of technical perfection, but they sometimes lose the human quality. Recording live is riskier, but Scott says it was a risk they are glad they took. "When you've got all those live humans there all the time, you can only tell [them] what to do and hope they do it," he says. "This time I think Charlie [Peacock, who produced] had enough faith in us as well as the people we brought in to take a little bit of the risk, and I really think it paid off. You can hear it. It's a human record. We write human music. We don't write machinery dance music. We write music for humans, [around] feelings about people in our lives, and it should be played by people." They each have songs that hold special significance to them for different reasons. "'Unfolding' is my favorite at this point because it's got an ache to it that translates what I feel and what Scott feels," Christine relates of the lyrics that say "Open my eyes, open my heart/Open these hands that hold us apart/Open up a way for me to see/The grandeur of the grander scheme unfolding." Scott says he really likes the way "All We Need" turned out. "That was the last song we cut the final night of recording," he recalls. We played the demo, and it was just me and Charlie. I was playing guitar, and Charlie was playing piano. It was a very basic demo, and the guys picked up on it. [Bassist] Tommy Sims started playing it with kind of an R&B feel. Jerry McPherson went and got a jazzier guitar, and I was playing one of those, too. So it turned into what it sounds like on the record. And the drummer [Steve Brewster] picked up on that, and Tommy's face lit up, and he started smiling 'cause the thing was groovin' so hard. It's my favorite recording on the album because it's just one of those moments I was trying to describe earlier - all of a sudden the pieces started coming from all over the place, and the song became something that it wasn't. Nobody changed the lyrics or anything, but they added their own little flavor to it, and it turned into this great groove." Scott and Christine are obviously thankful to the musicians and the talent they brought to this album and are also quick to praise Peacock's production skills - and his fashion sense. "On each record Charlie doesn't like to be distracted by certain things and one of them is fashion," Scott explains. "He's a fashionable man, but for each record he always talks about how he wants to have a uniform for each record so he doesn't have to think about what he has to get up and wear during the day. This particular week he was wearing overalls." "He looked like a farmer," Christine interjects. "Everybody was teasing him pretty good about it. So on the last day of recording I went out and bought two pairs of overalls, and Christine and I showed up at the studio wearing overalls that day. So we had solidarity," Scott says with a laugh. ARTFUL DAYS Christine feels on this project they've struck the balance they've been seeking between commerce and art. "We've had several years in the business now," she says, "to learn about the importance radio [airplay] plays in the whole Christian genre. We've had to develop our own sense of what's right for our records. I think with the third record, it came to a great pinnacle of being able to [be] I think commercially accessible, but retain our artistic sense in a way that we're thrilled for." Scott readily agrees. "I've listened to this record a few times now, and none of it scares me," he says. "None of it makes me cringe. This record to me sounds like grown ups making music. That can be either good or bad, if you don't like grown up music. But I feel like we've - I hate to use the word matured - but I feel we've matured as artists in a lot of ways. We're a little bit compact with what we have to say. There are now 30 Out of the Grey songs that have been recorded and this particular group of 10, to me, feel like a really good representation artistically and commercially of what we want to do and where we want to go." The artistic focus that comes together on Diamond Days is the culmination of years of musical pursuit. Christine's vocal aspirations began when she was growing up in Lancaster, Penn. Scott is a New Jersey native who also grew up with dreams of a music career. By now, most Out of the Grey fans know the story of how they met and fell in love while studying at Boston's Berklee College of Music. They married in 1987 and moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. Seeing the word "career" associated with their music is something that doesn't cause Scott and Christine to retreat in horror. They do prefer the word "vocation," and admit they have very specific feelings about referring to what they do as a ministry. "Christians want to be comfortable with the terms they use," Scott relates. "They want to say 'yeah, I really appreciate your ministry.' Well brother you have a ministry, too. Your ministry is to whoever you talk to at work. "And you know what? There is no secular. There is no Christian. All life is lived out under the eyes of God, your whole life. Surrender your entire life to God. Charlie Peacock has been harping on that to us and to everybody for years. Don't compartmentalize your life. God wants all of it. So don't compartmentalize my life and tell me that mus music is just a ministry. Don't belittle God. Don't belittle yourself. We're all ministers. And we're not trying to make ourselves sound cooler by saying it's a vocation. We're not trying to make ourselves more mainstream. We're not trying to crossover. We're not trying to do anything. We just want to be careful. The word ministry with a big capital 'M' conjures up a lot of things, a lot of pressure." BUSY DAYS Pressure is something Scott and Christine are familiar with. In addition to writing, recording and performing, they have also been acting as their own managers for the past several months. They admit that being so busy has affected the relationships in their lives, including their friendships and their relationship with each other. Time is the biggest culprit, and it takes its toll. "What has been affected is that the phone doesn't ring as much anymore, except the business phone," Scott says. "We've pretty much systematically lost touch with our friends... We've got plenty of business acquaintances, and yes, I would call them friends. But friends before Out of the Grey, friends that we had back home, that kind of stuff has been slowly choked out, and it scares us a little bit. 'All I Need' is the song we wrote for ourselves about that. It's about not fearing to open up to people." "We know that contact with people is what this life is all about," Christine says. They plan to remedy the situation by making the effort to reach out to people they've lost contact with. "Since we've moved into our new home, we've started to call folks," Scott says. "We're trying to make the effort, and it's been very good. It makes us feel like humans again." In scrutinizing their relationship, spending time together isn't the issue - they spend 24 hours a day together. However, taking time to deal with issues on a deep level is where they feel they sometimes come up short. "The fact that we're constantly together, we get into a groove where we don't always communicate," Christine admits. "We can go through weeks without really reach to the heart of the matter because we're used to living on a level where we're constantly discussing what we're doing today or we're on a bus, and it doesn't lead to deep conversation... I can see how people get really caught up in just keeping a lifestyle going and keeping your kids going, and they lose touch. I can really see how that can happen." Making time to deeply discuss important issues is a priority for Scott and Christine and one of the key factors they say keeps their marriage a happy one. the fact that they are best friends and that they are supportive of each other in all areas also helps nurture a successful relationship. And these days they've been supporting each other no only in Out of the Grey, but also in other endeavors. Scott recently recorded a solo trax accompaniment version of Noel Paul Stookey's "Wedding Song (There is Love)" as part of Sparrow's Giving You the Rest of My Life wedding project. Christine has been working on an upcoming trio album with Margaret Becker and Susan Ashton. "It's definitely increased our confidence in what we do," Christine says. "If people are calling us, it really makes us realize we can do this, maybe we're not just this little fly-by-night group. Now we've done our third record, and people are behind it, and radio stations are playing it. Scott and I always talk about how we're almost constantly affirmed in what we do. Not many people get that. Of course, that affects us in our day-to-day lives." Their day to day lives are about to become more hectic as they anticipate the birth of their second child. Up until now they've had volunteers at concerts watch Julian while they performed, but Christine says they plan to hire a nanny to help with the new baby. However, they won't pull back from their concert schedule. It might get crazy at times, but it's a life they wouldn't trade. Not all days are diamonds for Out of the Grey, but many are, and they treasure them. "Things are good on a lot of levels, but things are also crazy," Scott says. "We're in such a whirlwind that we don't have to create drama in our life... but we're also very thankful. We're not taking it for granted... This is a combination of all the things we love. We love each other, we love God and we love music. All three of those things meet in Out of the Grey. What more could you ask for? It's a great gig." CCM Communications c 1995. For information on subscribing to CCM, call 800/333-9643.