Wednesday, August 22, 2007

From Official Website In 2005

On her then, (2005), official site, Christine wrote:

"I am considering writing a book. I want to first be sure I can finish the tower before I start to build. Please pray for God's guidance on content. I am passionate about many things but expert at none."

"Occasionally, Out of the Grey has a show somewhere but the gigs are few and far between. However, we continue to create and will probably do another record one of these years. Keep your ears open for news of that when the time is right. Until then, thank you, each one of you, for your encouragement and prayers!"

Christine went on about a possible future record, saying: "No recordings planned but very probable in the next few years. (how's that for commitment?) " these quotes were retrieved from the OOTG topica email list, thank you!