Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Musical Prayer

Out of the Grey’s Christine Dente releases a musical “prayer”
(from Lancasteronline)

Just in case you missed it — because I know I did for a while — there’s a new project from a lady with a familiar singing voice.
And it’s a voice with Lancaster County origins.
It’s Christine Dente, of Conestoga Valley High School and Out of the Grey, which through the 1990s was a band at the very top of the Christian music world.
I say “the band,” but as anyone who knows Out of the Grey realizes, the band consisted of main vocalist Christine and her husband Scott, the guitar hero / player and backup singer.
They’ve been low-keying it for the last several years, but the memory is still clear of one of the best concerts I ever saw … of them at Lancaster Mennonite in fall 1995.
And I would include “Gravity” and maybe their first CD on any list of best Christian CDs of the last two decades.
Now, maybe a little below the radar screen, Christine Dente has released “Voyage: Journey of Prayer,” a 10-track package that sounds at first more like a Christian apologetics manual than a musical package from a chart-topping singer.
Dente explains she released “Voyage” last year so “I could meld the old with the new, and create songs around certain prayers that had become special to me.”
Her voice is always easy to spot, and in whatever format is likely to be of interest to Out of the Grey fans.
Or, for that matter, Ashton Becker Dente fans like me … ABD was a mid-90s collaboration with Susan Ashton and Margaret Becker that produced “Along The Road,” another one of the best CDs in the Christian music genre of tbe last 20 years.
For this new project, Christine wrote 10 songs based loosely on prayers from the book, “The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers.”
According to one description, “she unites her love of jazzy pop to (the Dentes’) Puritan devotion to Christian piety. The result is an intimate and worshipful experience.”
The new “Voyage” package is available at