Wednesday, October 09, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT - October 9, 2013

Christine has made this announcement about the official OOtG Facebook Page:
"Hey Everyone! Christine here! Scott and I have some exciting stuff on the horizon and we're going to use this OOTG page to talk about what's happening. So: if you have friends who might want to keep up with us, please invite them to "LIKE" our page! Thanks!"

Scott's Facebook Announcment:
"Hey gang, If you haven't "liked" the Out Of The Grey fan page yet and you like us, or ever did, or think you could in the FUTURE, go and do that! We will be posting some stuff there that may be interesting to all y'all. LIKE, now? LIKE. just press LIKE"

(so you can keep up with more announcements as they happen)

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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ashton, Becker, Dente Tour Photo

A photo of Ashton, Becker, Dente (with Scott on guitar), on the, "All Together Tour," to promote the "Along the Road" CD. The picture was taken in the fall of 1994 in Los Angeles."
Photo by Linda Cortez, used with permission