Friday, August 21, 2009

So We Did Get To Paris


SO WE DID GET TO PARIS - What have Out of the Grey's Scott and Christine Denté been up to in the nearly two years since their last project, "6.1"? Well, the Rocketown Records duo toured with Twila Paris, squeezed in some songwriting, home-schooled their three lovely children, and also took a missions trip to Europe where they -- yes you guessed it -- finally got to Paris. And what does that mean in light of their charming little single, "So We Never Got to Paris," from the 1995 project "Gravity"? "Well, we can't sing that song anymore," admits Scott. And strangely enough, he also won't be able to sing any of the songs from Out of the Grey's forthcoming project. "It will be a Christine Dente record," reveals the duo's kinder, gentler half. "It'll give me a chance to put those songs on the record that we normally wouldn't consider for Out of the Grey. We've talked about it for years, and it finally seemed to make sense." But wait ... has Scott left the duo? Au contraire. He's simply shifting to producer this time out, and he's plenty jazzed about that. The album, tentatively titled "Becoming," will be finished and ready for sale this coming fall.