Sunday, August 16, 2009

OOTG Hosts An Episode of CCM-TV

(this was taken from the OOTG Website)

In the winter of 1994, Out of the Grey hosted an edition of CCM-TV, a 30-minute show that used to air on the "Family Channel." The show featured popular Christian artists introducing several music videos and talking about their own work. The Dentés were natural in front of the cameras. Their chemistry made the show funny and enjoyable. Here's a transcript of that show:

Scene One

Christine: Hello, I'm Christine Denté and this is Scott Denté, and we're Out of the Grey. Thanks for joining us on CCM-TV.
Scott: Stick around and you'll see the latest Out of the Grey video. But right now, check this one out:

Scene Two

Scott: We're back… and Christine and I are in the lovely Café Milano in historic, downtown Franklin, Tennessee -- which is that long, thin state in the middle of the country.
Christine: We live in the south now.
Scott: We do… we are Southerners.
Christine: We are…
Scott: Yes, but Christine, what I wanted to ask you was, 'With our latest record Diamond Days, what exactly did you have in mind when you wrote the song "Diamond Days," and if there is such a thing as a "Diamond Day," does it involve me -- and what would that "Diamond Day" be for you?
Christine (looking pensive): Well, today is kind of like a "Diamond Day" for the Dentés because we're in a café -- it's still the south -- but it's a café and it's owned by a sweet little Italian man and he makes wonderful cappuccinos. And we know that we're warm inside a nice, little building, we're having deep conversation…
Scott: Hmmm…
Christine: And we're watching great music videos, right?
Scott: That's true. I thought it had to do with your strange obsession with costume jewelry, actually -- but I was totally off-base apparently.
Christine (touching her necklace): Hmm.. "Diamond Day." No!
Scott: Maybe we should watch some more videos.
Christine: Speaking of great videos, watch this:

Scene Three

Christine: We made our first video a few months ago for the song, "All We Need."
Scott: And this is the story of the first Out of the Grey video.
Christine: Well, Steve Taylor directed it… and he… he's just… how do you describe a guy like that?
Scott: He's tall… he's got brown hair…
Christine: No, I mean, just the way he's so creative. It was as if he'd seen the video before we shot it.
Scott: Like it was a film… a picture in his mind actually turning.
Christine: Yeah.
Scott: Unbelievable.
Christine: He did a great job.
Scott: He did, he did a great job. All we did really was stand there and pretend we were singing. But if you had to explain to the people… at home…
Christine turns to look at the camera.
Scott, noticing this: They're in there somewhere…
Christine nods.
Scott: …exactly what the song was about… or not even exactly, but somewhat what the song was about, how would go about doing it?
Christine: I would say that "All We Need" is about sacrificing in relationships. When you allow a person into your life, you allow the bad as well as the good… but to realize the Lord uses the human touch to show His love.
Scott: Do you think that comes across in the video?
Christine: Definitely!
Scott: Definitely?
Christine: Uh-huh.
Scott: Well, let's let them decide.