Saturday, June 06, 2009

Standing On The Edge Of Whatever

"Standing on the edge of whatever..." After five studio albums and combined sales of 600,000 units, Out of the Grey found themselves at this very place. Not sure what God had next for this celebrated marriage of artists, Scott & Christine Denté peered from the boundary separating the dull terrain of the familiar and the piercing unknown. It's not that they'd never been there before - but this time it was different. Ten-years, ten #1 songs and four Dove Awards into their career, the Out of the Grey had to find a new home for the songs that were springing up inside them. After going through the arduous process of trying to find a new label, the Dente's began to wonder if they should simply self-finance a new album and sell it on the Internet. Fortunately, a chance meeting at a Nashville barbecue with longtime-friend and Rocketown Records President Don Donahue led to a better option. It didn't take long for Rocketown to realize the opportunity (and challenge) that lay ahead: take Christian music's seminal husband/wife duo and create something new. Both parties were energized by the task and the resulting work, the new album 6.1, is evidence of this enthusiasm. The partnership gave Scott & Christine a new confidence: to go into the studio and re-invent Out of the Grey. But what they found in the end was not so much a re-invention as it was a new beginning for a talent and sound that has become so familiar to so many people. The result is a fearless collection of sophisticated pop songs - made brilliant by an artist who was brave enough to take a chance - and trust God 's direction for their future. That courage and faith comes largely from their years on the road, touring with their three small children - trusting daily for God's provision and safety. Now the Denté kids are growing up (Julian 9, Carina 6, Chloe 4) and Scott & Christine are just trying to keep up!