Saturday, June 06, 2009

Out of the Grey Timeline (2000's)

*2000 Scott and Christine sign a record deal with Rocketown Records
"Live 12-6-2000" is recorded
Scott plays guitar on Sierra's CD, "Change."

*2001 Rocketown Records releases 6.1. A limited edition Live EP is packaged with some of the CD's
Scott and Christine tour the 6.1 record with Twila Paris & Michelle Tumes

*2002 6.1 is nominated for Recorded Music Packaging Album of the Year, by the Dove Awards
Christine sings background vocals on the cd "Passion: Our Love Is Loud" (live from the Passion Experience Tour) Christine and Scott sing on Steve Green's cd , "Woven in Time," on the song, "If We Answer"

*2003 Christine releases her solo album "Becoming" to critical acclaim
Christine is named #3 Female Vocalist of the Year by Christianity Today Magazine
Christine co-writes the song "Deeper Life" for Natalie Grant's album "Deeper Life"

*2004 Christine releases her second trio album with Susan Ashton and Michelle Tumes. There is a
UK version released first called "Kisses From Heaven" The US version is called "Lost in Wonder."
Scott produces & Christine helps write and sing for Rocketown's Advent Christmas CD, "Gloria"
"Becoming" is nominated for Dove Inspirational Album of the Year
Christine contributes 2 songs to the compilation CD, "For Christ Alone"
Scott plays on ginny owens cd, "Something More."
Scott and Charlie Peacock start the Runway Network

*2005 Christine announces on her official website that she and Scott are no longer with Rocketown.
Her official website, is taken down.
Christine sings on Jill Phillips worship CD, "Kingdom Come"
Christine sings with Newsong on the duet "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down"

*2006 Out of the Grey, The Early Years, CD is released as a best-of CD package and
label re-release series
Carina and Chloe sing as part of a children's chorus for a veggie tales CD project
Christine sings 2 songs on a UK worship CD called, "The Apostles Creed."
Christine sings a duet with Brian Doerksen on his CD called, "Holy God," called "He Is Here."
Scott hosts "Life Shaking Moments With Jesus"
Christine narrates for an audio book called, "Choosing Forgiveness"

*2007 Scott hosts the 2nd season of the faith-based chat show "Faith Cafe"
Scott & Christine participate in a March songwriters conference for Christian Musician Summit
Scott & Christine participate in a November songwriters 'boot camp' for Christian Musician Summit Scott's Runway Network website is taken down
Christine's official domain is not renewed
Christine & Scott read for a complete Bible narration called "The Message"
Chris & Scott narrate for an audio book called "Revolutionary Parenting"
Scott performs at the 2007 GMA Hall of Fame Induction (for Phil Keaggy)
Scott plays on Sara Groves new CD, "Tell Me What You Know"
Christine sings on "Praise Baby: Joy To The World" ("That's What Christmas Means To Me") -and other Praise Baby Albums
Christine duets on "Hibernation Day", on Jars of Clay Christmas CD, "Christmas Songs."
*Christine sings O Holy Night on a CD compilation called "christmas music for the heart" 

*2008 Scott & Christine participate in a March songwriters conference for Christian Musician Summit
Christine puts up a myspace page
Christine sings a duet with Garry Kean called "This Is Love" on the CD "The Long Road"
Christine sings a song on "The Worship Lounge" called, "When I'm Filled With Doubt & Fear (Halleluiah)"
Christine appears on season 3 of Faith Cafe with Scott
Christine records songs for a new CD

*2009 Scott plays guitar on Anna Gilbert's new CD on the song "Worry Is A Word"
Scott and Christine record songs for a new OOTG/Christine Dente CD based on some of the "Valley of Vision" prayers. The working title for the CD is "Voyage."
Christine makes announcements for "Voyage" on the ootg facebook group
ootg perform a few concerts together
Scott plays guitar and Christine records vocals on a record for Elizabeth South
Scott partners with Ken Lewis as Global Genius Productions
Out of the Grey releases "Voyage: Journey of Prayer" independently
A new official website is put up at

*2010 Christine answers some questions for this site about the new record and what's ahead for ootg
Christine sings "Stranger in My Skin" for an ABC/General Hospital itunes single release. The single airs on General Hospital in January
Voyage: Journey of Prayer is released on itunes
Christine sings on the song "Falling in Love Alone" on Elizabeth South's new CD "The Mysteries of Our Mind"
Out of the Grey sings on the song "Your Voice" on Elizabeth South's new CD "The Mysteries of our Mind"
Scott and Christine sing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville
Christine sings a pop song called, "Just To Be," for Global Genius Productions (Scott's Production Company).

Scott and Christine record songs for an upcoming ootg ep release (2 new songs and acoustic versions of their studio songs)
OOtG puts up an official facebook page

Scott and Christine were "worship leaders and guest musicians for the Brave Women's Conference," in May
Christine sings "is it all over now?" on michael card's cd, "mark: the beginning of the gospel"
Christine sings on "come ye sinners" with next2nothing on their cd "in every corner"

Scott plays acoustic guitar on elizabeth south's latest cd, "i love you." Christine sings harmony vocals on the same cd, on the song "waiting."
Christine announced on facebook in february that she has begun recording some new songs. february 20th, "Today I am thinking about recording some of these songs I've been writing...yes, I think it is time!"
Christine announced on facebook on october 9 : "Hey Everyone! Christine here! Scott and I have some exciting stuff on the horizon and we're going to use this OOTG page to talk about what's happening. So: if you have friends who might want to keep up with us, please invite them to "LIKE" our page! Thanks!" 
Christine begins writing a series of articles in her facebook notes section. The first "note" is called, "all stirred up." 
*Christine sings with Steven James Wylie on his song, "this is what faith is," from the album everything i love.

Christine writes a second article on her facebook notes called, news flash - news fast.
Scott puts up an official website at  
Scott plays guitar on an upcoming Sara Groves CD
Scott and Christine announce their Kickstarter campaign for a new ootg album, April 16, 2014.The project is funded 100% plus in just 19 days.
Why Kickstarter? From OOtG: 
"We’re working on a new Out of the Grey album for the first time without the financial backing of a record label. Kickstarting the project with $35,000 will allow us to make a high-quality recording and kick it on out to you all (and everyone else) ASAP."
The new Untitled album is estimated to be ready December 2014, along with other incentives that can be pre-ordered, such as Skype concerts, written lyrics,  in person coffee house dates, recording and guitar sessions, etc.
Another facebook note called "what is going on in our world" is put up on the official page by christine.
Christine posts an album update on her facebook page titled, "we're still here" ~ "Scott and I are still journeying uphill as we work on songs for our new project. We are very near the top! We've spent some time gazing backwards, amazed at God’s provision in our 27-year-old marriage and His hold on our kids who have grown so quickly into adults. As we climb, sideways glances make us smile as Scott and I realize we’re still here, making the trip together and co-writing once again" --Christine
Out of the Grey perform at a November Abba's Way event called, "You Raise Me Up." See photos from that event, here: (Tom White Photography)
In November, ootg announces the new CD release date as being early 2015.

A new ootg album is announced to be released sometime in 2015.
In late January/Early February, Scott updates progress on the new album saying that 7 songs are nearly done, with others in "various stages." He says they are working with Julian on the new record.
October 25th - The new ootg CD titled, "A Little Light Left," is released digitally to those who pre-ordered on the Kickstarter Campaign.
Scott plays on Sara Groves new cd "flood plains"
Scott played at Sara Groves "flood plain" cd release party concert in November
December 4, 2015 - A new official website is put up -
December 4, 2015 - "A Little Light Left" is released officially and available for purchase on itunes as well as the new website

ootg perform with jill phillips and Andy Gullahorn at "the local show" in nashville in september
christine releases a new book called, "the singer and the songwriter: an idea book," in december.

christine puts up a new website, blog, and youtube channel
christine introduces a new book on facebook called "lifelines"
christine announces 5 new songs in the works with son julian as producer
christine blogs about music, singing, recording, and more on her blog and also posts several videos on her youtube channel
christine announces a new book in her "Singer/Songwriter" book series called "Creativity Journal." this is book 3 in the series.
christine announces new music coming in October or November, in the form of an EP.
"Closer to Free" a new 5 song EP from Christine is released in digital form only on December 1, 2017.

A new podcast interview with Christine is available called, "listening in."