Saturday, June 06, 2009

Nashville Radio Show

Interview from NVille radio show Out of the Grey's Interview with Mark and Laurie-January 1997 (Christine was sick, so only Scott appears here, talking) Mark: How're you doing there Scott? Scott: Doing great, good morning Mark. Mark: You look good and while we had not seen you, you went and had another child on us. Scott: Went and had another child, went and made another record, and we're now standing at 4 records, 3 children. Mark: So you're trying to- Scott: We're trying to outpace the children with the records. Yeah, we think that once the children outnumber the records, that the career is pretty much over. Mark: Is this it with the kids, or are you planning to have some more? Scott: Well, I don't know; we're praying about it. Mark: Is she [Christine] going to make it to Caffe Milano tonight? Scott: Well, I hope so. Christine woke up, uh, she had that killer sore throat that's been going around. It started to go away, then we were up late at the studio last night and it started to come back. So she thought it best to sleep a little bit: which is probably not possible with the kids anyways. Mark: I was just thinking that. Scott: I think she's going to be okay for tonight at Caffe Milano. We're going to bring a little band with us this time and have a good time with the folks. Mark: I was just thinking...when I first saw you was you, and her, and that guitar. I thought when I first saw you guys (and I'm sure many people have told you this) "you see them and you're like: Wow! it just sounds like there's a band up there." I guess it's the way you bang on that guitar. Scott: I guess it's the banging thing. I'm just motivated by stage fright, I guess. Mark: Now, you really get into that. Does that come natural for you to be so intense on your guitar? Scott: I don't know. I guess I'm just a nervous guy, and it just kind-of comes out that way. But I can't stop it. I've tried to tone it down a little bit. I remember one time, when we were out opening for Steven Curtis Chapman, a few years back, after we had played, I overheard some guy saying "What did you think of that Out of the Grey?" And the other guy said, "They were really good, but that guy was jumping around too much." So... I tried toning it down a little bit after that. Mark: All because of that one person!? Scott: Well, you know, I'm easily affected by those things. Mark and Laurie: Awww. Scott: Well, it made me think. So I tried toning it down, but I wasn't able to... I just can't stop that wiggling. Laurie: You look like a spider. Mark: OK, let's play some music here (He plays "All We Need" from DIAMOND DAYS" Mark: Tell us your children's names. Scott: Julian is going to be five in February, Carina is..a little girl that is...2 1/2 and we have a four month old little girl named Chloe. So every day is very eventful and very long. Nathan (caller): Hey Scott. Scott: How ya doing man? What's up? Nathan: What do you usually do on the weekends? Scott: You know, I have to say that lately I've become my father - I like sitting around and watching sports. Mark: Did you catch the Sugar Bowl? Scott: I didn't really go to a college that had a football team, so I never really got hooked on college football. But when my friends get excited about it, I'll watch a game with them. Mark: You said you were in the studio last night? Scott: Yep, just finishing mixing our fifth recording. (Mark plays "The Dance" from Out of the Grey's self-titled debut) Mark: Your name is Dente. Scott: It's an Italian name that means - the direct translation is "to the tooth." Mark: For real? Scott: For real. Mark: Hey now, tell us about your new album, which Brown Bannister is producing. Scott: We're doing our first recording with Brown Bannister, and like I said before, this is our fifth album. It'll be out in March. The album is entitled, "See Inside." Laurie: Is it different from all your other recordings? Scott: Well yeah. There's 10 new songs. It's a more energetic record. We're just thrilled with it. We like every song so far. We wrote almost all the songs. Christine wrote a song with Brent Bourgeois and there's another one we co-wrote with Phil Madeira, and there's another we co-wrote with our dear friend, Charlie Peacock. Laurie: So does your album have a theme? Scott: I knew you were going to ask that! I think there's a lot of familiar Out of the Grey themes. If you were to go through our lyrics, you'd find familiar themes. The thing we keep coming back to is that it's a struggle living in this world. So it's once again, Scott and Christine struggling to live like Christians in a foreign land. Mark: I like this. It's sounds very transparent and vulnerable. Scott: We're trying to be real. Mark: I'm going to play my favorite Out of the Grey song of all time... Scott: Let me guess! Mark: De- what? Scott: I can't guess ... "Wishes"? Mark: No, this. (He plays "He is Not Silent" from their self-titled debut) Jeff (caller): I'm coming out tonight for sure. We got that GRAVITY CD and my wife plays that song, "So We Never Got to Paris" over and over and over again. I tell you I know every word of it. Mark: Can you sing the chorus of it? Jeff: *Singing* "So we Never Got to Paris" and built a cafe of our dreams... Mark: Scott, what do you think, when people sing your lyrics to you? Scott: It's one of the most exciting things. It's really kind-of cool. Mark: What's your wife's name? Jeff: Deanna. Scott: Well, we'll try to fit that song in for you. Jeff: Sure, great. Mark: I want you to tell the story of how you and Christine got together. Scott: We were going to college in Boston. And Christine - well she gets mad when I tell this part, but she's not here, so what can she do!? - She was seeing my roommate at the time, and y'know I was thinking, "this is kind-of a nice girl" so I convinced her she didn't need to be seeing my roommate anymore. So we started having coffee and going out together - not really in a romantic kind-of way- and I wasn't a believer at the time. And eventually we came to that point where she was not really letting it go any further, because she didn't want to be hooked up with somebody who didn't know the Lord. And so she gave me a Bible for Valentine's Day that year, and I put it on the shelf with all of my other spiritual books and said, "Oh thank you very much for that." But eventually, that Bible came down off the shelf and the Lord really started speaking to me through the gospel and kind of hit me over the head with that real truth. And not much longer after that, I started going to Bible studies and meeting real Christians and realized that there was something really missing in my life. Mark: So she was a missionary-dater. Scott: She was a bit of a missionary-dater at the time, which we don't recommend, by the way. But the Lord can redeem some very tricky situations, and He chose to redeem that situation and there's been no turning back ever since then. Copyright © '97 The Out of the Grey HomeSite. Transcription provided by Allison