Saturday, June 06, 2009

Faith Cafe

Scott Dente's Faith Cafe on i-Lifetv © Kevan Breitinger Mar 31, 2007 Scott Dente Faith Cafe, i-Lifetv Scott Dente marries his love for coffehouses with his love for people on Faith Cafe, from i-Livetv. Scott Dente has always had an affinity for coffee houses. As one-half of the Dove Award-winning group Out of the Grey, Scott toured the nation in the ‘90s with his wife and music partner, Christine, performing for thousands and searching for quaint coffee houses and conversation with natives. More than a decade later, Out of the Grey fans can catch Scott mixing his love for coffee, music, and conversation on the Inspirational Life Television (i-Lifetv) talk show Faith Café. Airing exclusively on i-Lifetv, Faith Café tackles thought-provoking issues ranging from social justice, to divorce, to grief with new and familiar names in Christian entertainment. Jars of Clay, Ginny Owens, Downhere, Nicole C. Mullen, and authors Chris Maxwell, Angela Thomas and Nate Larkin are just some of the guests that have graced the show’s colorful couch to talk with Scott in front of a live studio audience. Each show seeks to encourage authenticity in relationships and inspire Christian spiritual formation among viewers, who are affectionately referred to as the “Coffeehouse Nation.” Faith Café producer Charles Powell said that Scott was the perfect choice to host the show because of his realness. “This may sound cliché, but Faith Café is not like any other talk show on the market. Our goal is to produce a program that takes an honest look at the spiritual human condition of imperfect people in an imperfect world. Scott gets this. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he has a heart to explore every topic. Our guests and viewers identify with him because he’s just a regular guy.” As for Scott, he credits his success on Faith Café to his career in music. “There’s a perception that Christian artists and other leaders in the faith don’t face the same challenges as everyone else,” said Scott. “We want Faith Café to be a vehicle for our guests to talk about real life – whether it’s an issue they are currently dealing with or how they’re reaching out to help others in need. We discuss life’s challenges, but the twist is to show how we can use our faith to wrestle with them.” Jars of Clay is one guest that met the mandate for the show. The group used their appearance to spotlight their involvement with Blood:Water Mission, a cause that helps Africans drill wells for clean drinking water and find solutions for AIDS-related issues. Author Nate Larkin also appeared on Faith Café to discuss his book Samson and the Pirate Monks during a show about men in isolation. According to Charles, all of the show’s guests are encouraged to follow this formula. “Our guests, famous or not, must speak life and hope to our community of viewers. We’re all about faith in action.” While Faith Café does tackle heavy topics, music is still a cornerstone of the show. “I’m probably being biased, but the performances are one of my favorite parts of the show,” said Scott. “The intimate setting for the show helps artists connect with the studio audience and viewers. It’s truly an experience to remember. That’s our goal for the show. To give our viewers something to remember and act on.” Viewers can check their local listings for i-Lifetv channel line up and air time information. i-Lifetv is one of four networks from The Inspiration Networks. Faith Café and other ministry and entertainment programs can be seen 24/7 on the organization’s broadband channel